Code of Conduct & Ethics

ICWK: Institute of Clerk of Works Kenya
APSEA: Association of Professional Societies in East Africa
EACC: Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission

This Code of Conduct and Ethics has been prepared by ICWK in collaboration with APSEA and KACC.
This letter is official acknowledgements of the good work the EACC and APSEA have done in helping ICWK develop a code of conducts and ethics for its members. This document will go a long way in streamlining the way construction inspectorate and supervision is carried out in Kenya.

The Management of the ICWK would like to sincerely thank the EACC for their guidance in formulating our Code of Conduct.
The ICWK would also like to thank APSEA for keeping us focused in formulating the Code of Conduct and Ethics and liaising with other stake holders in this process which looked impossible to accomplish. Truly the documents will go a long way in strengthening and improving professionalism among the ICWK members.
Lastly ICWK recognizes its own members who made valuable contribution to the production of this document


The institute of clerk of works was formed in 1976 with the main objective of bringing together construction works inspectors and supervisors for purpose of enhancing their professionalism in construction inspectorate
The Association of Professional Societies in East Africa in collaboration with Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission invited the Institute of Clerks of Works Kenya to a consultative meeting on development of Codes of Conducts and Ethics for Professionals.

Following the meeting, ICWK with the guidance of a code of conduct template provided by the EACC through APSEA embarked on the process of formulating the Institutes Code of Conduct and Ethics.
The draft has also been pondered on through numerous brainstorming sessions by members and we can confidently report that it is member owned.

The code main objective is to give guidance on enhancement and maintenance of high standards of professionalism. It is expected that this code of conduct and ethics will be a tool to help ICWK and its members attain standards that are compliant internationally
ICWK takes this chance to sincerely thank APSEA and EACC for the facilitation and understanding during this process of preparing this code.

The Institute of Clerks of Works Kenya is ready to play its rightful role with other stake holders in providing professional construction works inspection services under the guidance of this Code of Conduct and Ethics. All stake holders in the Construction Industry are requested to take note that one answer to collapsing structures is just a call away – The ICWK.